Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead Review

Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead Review

The General Consensus

This simple looking low priced shower head is a serious contender with some of the higher ticket units on the market. Priced at only $24, this simple wall mountable head has a whopping 10,000 gallon capacity filter and with a load of solid positive reviews, makes it on our list of recommended shower heads.

The Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead has a near perfect 4-star rating from amazon buyers and of the almost 150 reviews, it’s quite obvious that the large majority of buyers were happy with their purchase.

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Loaded with a powerful filtration system, this unit automatically reduces chemicals found in tap water for cleaner and softer skin. The unit also comes standard with five spray settings to give you a pleasurable shower experience no matter what mood you’re in.

The Negative Reviews

There weren’t many negative reviews for this product, but we dug deep and found that one woman was a bit disapointed. She claimed that the sprays were not as powerful as she would like, but also attributed that to the unit being equipped with a chemical reducing filter. It’s a bit of a trade-off we think. If you want a softer water, cleaner shower this is a good head for you, but you may sacrifice a bit of pressure if you really need a high power blast.

Another reviewer complained that the unit didn’t last as long as he would have liked. This was the only complaint we could find about the quality of the product however and the manufacturer points out that the shower head is safe, long lasting and certified by the NFC. The feature specs also indicate that the unit will effectively filter water for 6-months or 10,000 gallons.

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The Positive Reviews

The first thing we noticed while browsing through the list of predominately positive reviews for this product is that although it looks simple at a glance this filter has a lot of satisfied customers for a wide variety of reasons. One reviewer was pleased that the unit solved her “bad smelling” water situation. Another said the shower head fixed their hard water problem and yet another reviewer said that the shower head alone cured his years of dry skin problems.

Although it’s not a fancy looking head, reviewers were pleased with the variety of settings that they say are simple to use. The unit is reviewed as simple and quick to install and filter changing is also a snap, though not something you need to do often.

The Conclusion

Would we recommend the Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead

Yes and here’s why:

Not everyone is looking for a feature-rich shower head with every bell and whistle known to man. This little shower head is doing a lot behind the scenes though. If you have any sort of water problems, hard, smelly, or otherwise or if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin then this is a great product for you.

But the choice is really yours and this is a very affordable shower head to consider.

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, read more reviews and make the decision for yourself!

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