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Choosing the Best Shower Head for 2015

Our Top Rated Shower Head Picks

Looking for the best shower head? You’ve come to the right place. We created this website to document consumer opinions and reviews in order to provide you with the best and most up to date information so that you can select the best shower head that’s right for you and your family.

There are many different styles and makes of shower heads on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult.  Not every product on the market Is created equal so let’s take a look the the 3 most highly rated shower heads on the market right now.

 Top 3 Shower Head Choices For 2015

Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology

Based on brand reputation and an exceptional number of positive reviews, we’re recommending the Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead as the best shower head currently available on the market.

Delta is a historically trusted and highly respected brand in the industry and this shower head lives up to the Delta legacy.

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With close to 400 reviews on and an almost unmatched 5-star buyer reviewer rating, you can be confident you’re buying a great product.

Reviews noted that the shower head generates great pressure at a conservative 2.5 gallons per minute and that it provides broad and comfortable full body coverage.

Of note is that this model comes with a removable flow restrictor for older or homes with limited pressure. The unit also mixes with air providing an increased pressure sensation even under the lowest pressure.

Peerless 76950 2-in-1 Shower System

Peerless is known to offer affordable shower heads in a wide range of styles and finishes and have helped consumers easily refresh their bathroom fixtures for years. A leader in the bathroom fixture industry, Peerless products deliver uncompromising value coupled with modern features and sylish design.

With over 400 Amazon buyer reviews and a great 4-star review rating, if you’re looking for a few more options in your shower head, then you’ll love this selection.

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Aside from the many glowing product reviews and the stand-out reputation of Peerless, the options as well as the ease of installation are the features that really make this shower head shine. The entire system installs in minutes, requiring nothing more than a simple wrench or pliers. The system also functions as two showers in one, operating as a hand shower, a shower head or even both at the same time!

More reviews for the Peerless 76950 2-in-1 Shower System rave about the wide range of spray patterns. The long flexible hose and hand-held feature make it convenient for cleaning the tub, washing a pet or showering sitting down. The water pressure is also equally as strong whether the unit is being used as a hand shower or in shower head mode.

A few things you should know about the Peerless 76950 2-in-1 Shower System:

  •  Lifetime warranty
  • 4-spray/massage palm showering with singular channel spray; full mist shower head with anti-clog to mislay vegetable deposits
  • Installs in minutes; wrench or pliers required
  • 4-spray/massage hand shower with unique crossing spray; full spray shower head with anti-clog to remove mineral deposits
  • 5′ reinforced vinyl hose.

Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Showerhead

Waterpik has been the leader in the research and manufacturing of of innovative personal hygiene products. Their business model is simple – to create products that enable you to treat yourself bettter. Waterpick products have been recognized for award-winning technology and design and the AST AquaScape is no exception.

Our next pick is for those looking for a total-body drenching head with a lot of power behind it. There’s a reason this shower head is a part of the Waterpik “drenching line” With almost 150 Amazon consumer reviews and an excellent near 5-star buyer rating, if you’re looking for an easy to install shower head with a lot of force, this is the product for you.

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The optional settings aren’t going to blow you away on this shower head. It has 2 flow options, a nice chrome finish a lifetime warranty and an easy clean nozzle – all pretty standard.

What makes this shower head stand out and why it was a must for our overall top-3 is the huge head size and the OptiFlow pressure system, providing full body drenching coverage and up to 30% more force than other shower heads.

One of the only complaints refers to the tightening nut. A few buyers felt that it was not as heavy-duty as it could be and recommend using caution not to over tighthen the nut. Other than the large majority of the buyer reviews are 5-star or very close.

Here are some points that stand out about the Waterpick Aquascape AST showerhead:

  • OptiFlow Up to 30% more Water Force
  • 2.5 GPM Water Saver
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy installation with no assembly required
  • Slim profile makes a subtle design statement
  • Aquascape Chrome Rain Shower Head, Innovative Oval Design Features 60 Individual, Directed Nozzles & Offers 50% Wider Coverage Than A Standard Shower Head

If you’re in the market for a new shower head, the reviews above are our top recommendations. We constantly update this page as new models come on the market. Please come back regularly and be sure to leave us a comment if you enjoyed the site. We love to hear from our readers!

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