Alsons 655CBX Fluidics Water Saving Shower Head Chrome Review

Alsons 655CBX Fluidics Water Saving Shower Head Chrome Review

The General Consensus

The Alsons 655CBX Fluidics Water Saving Shower Head spray technology reinvents the showering experience, creating a warmer, more luxurious spray than standard shower heads. his showerhead provides a high-pressure wash while using only 1.6 gallons of water per minute.

With over 70 Amazon customer reviews and a perfect 5-star rating, this is a showerhead that must be considered for under $35.  This unit boasts a 36% water savings, but still maintains a wide spray surface covering pattern.  This showerhead also has a slick chrome finish which accents just about any bathroom style or decor.

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The 4 jets shake to spread out the water giving full coverage. The large holes also will make it less likely to clog up if you have hard water.

Here are some great features of the 655CBX Fluidics:

  • Full spray pattern
  • 36 percent water savings
  • 1.5 GPM
  • Chrome finish
  • Requires arm and flange – sold separately

This unit not only saves water, but the shower head delivers equal or greater pressure than the many full flow shower heads on the market.

We were very hard pressed to find anything negative said about this product.  Out of the 77 Amazon buyer reviews listed at the time of writing this review, only 3 were less than 4-stars. On the other hand, the glowing reviews were plentiful.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Alsons 655CBX Fluidics Water Saving Shower Head:

We all love this showerhead. It has a decent coverage, and I can tell it uses a lot less water because of how quiet the pipes now are when the shower is running. I would purchase another if I had two baths.

Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter Review

Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter Review

The General Consensus

Simply put, the Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter delivers better water for a better shower.  This shower head is equipped with a filter media which reduces 99% of chlorine for a full 10,000 gallon and is a snap to install.

This unit reduces Aesthetic chlorine & Scale for softer, cleaner skin and hair and features a stylish chrome finish and 5-year limited warranty.  This shower head also helps reduce fading in color-treated hear and provides relief from dry skin and scalp.

This unit has a very respectable 4.5 Amazon consumer rating and 20 perfect 5 star reviews.  To boot it’s manufactured by one of the most recognizable and trusted brand in the industry.  Shipping below $30, this unit is certainly a value if you’re looking for a filtered showerhead or suffer from  sensitive or dry skin.

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The flow without the water saver is large and feels like a water stream from a large pipe.

Here are some great features of this shower head:

  • Reduces 97 percent chlorine, sulfur odor and scale from water
  • Easy -to-install, no tools required
  • Each WHR-140 filter cartridge filters for a full 10,000 gallons or 6 months
  • System tested and Certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177
  • Optional REA-150 RainDisc shower hi-lo arm available

Everything is different with this showerhead, but one thing that stands out is how much it cuts down on the hard water.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter:

I love this product! I was all set to install an expensive home filtering system when I decided to try the Culligan Raindisc and I am telling you that this is the best thing that has happened to my hair in years!

Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead Review

Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead Review

The General Consensus

The Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead is specifically designed for the constant use and demands that individuals put upon it. It uses patented fluidic technology to generate a full-power spray–even with water pressure as low as 20 psi.

The 60120 improves circulation of blood, improves cell activity leading to  healthier and younger looking skin. The Oxygenics shower head will also help to reduce the consumption of water during your shower. This unique shower head has 16 air intake ports and air enters through those ports, gets mixed with water and gets accelerated out.

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If you love a good strong, but comfortable, shower, no matter what your water pressure situation is, this is a great product.

Here are some great features of the Oxygenics 60120:

  • Utilizes patented pressurizing technology
  • Comfort control lets you customize your shower from gentle to massaging
  • Guaranteed for life never to clog
  • Modern chrome styling complements any decor
  • Uses 70-percent less water than normal showerheads

This oxygenics will resolve any problem you’ve ever had with water pressure. By using the adjustment on the showerhead, you can get a hot relaxing shower every time.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Oxygenics 60120:

I am not sure if it’s the sound of the injected air into the water stream or just the consistent even spray, but after experiencing this shower head at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I just had to have one!

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here



Moen DN8001 Home Care Hand Held Shower Review

Moen DN8001 Home Care Hand Held Shower Review

The General Consensus

The Moen DN8001 Home Care Hand Held Shower has received a solid 4-star Amazon buyer rating and over 20 customer reviews. For the price it certainly packs a ton of features and also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We think it’s worth looking into, especially if one of your primary concerns is being able to pause the water flow of your shower head. This unit is able to instantly reduce waterflow with the exclusive pause control button – pretty handy.

When you’re looking after others or taking care of yourself, it’s good to have Home Care by Moen bath safety products to lean on. The Moen DN8001 features a lightweight soft grip handle: Easy to hold, with removable safety strap and an extra-long 7 ft. flex soft hose: Durable, flexible hose allows for easy showering in standing or seated position.

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This little handheld shower head works very well and the added shut-off on the unit makes it that much more user friendly and easy to use.

A few quick facts about The Moen DN8001:

  • Innovative Designs for Independent Living
  • Exclusive Push Button Control!
  • DN8001
  • Ergonomic comfort handle with safety strap
  • Extra-long hose
  • Easy-turn spray control
  • On handle button allows you to easily reduce and restart water flow
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight soft grip handle: Easy to hold, with removable safety strap
  • Exclusive pause control: On handle button allows you to easily reduce and restart water flow
  • Oversized easy-turn spray control
  • Designed for the whole family
  • Meets 2.5 gpm (9.5L/min) max flow
  • ADA Compliant

The long hose is a terrific plus for kids, dogs, and seated shower users. You can pay $100-$500 more for a fancier Moen or Kohler if you choose to, but it will not function better or be easier to use than this model.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Moen DN8001:

The extra long hose (2 feet longer than the standard hose) is convenient and the way it is installed added about 6 inches in height to the shower versus my old adjustable handheld.

Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead Review

Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead Review

The General Consensus

This simple looking low priced shower head is a serious contender with some of the higher ticket units on the market. Priced at only $24, this simple wall mountable head has a whopping 10,000 gallon capacity filter and with a load of solid positive reviews, makes it on our list of recommended shower heads.

The Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead has a near perfect 4-star rating from amazon buyers and of the almost 150 reviews, it’s quite obvious that the large majority of buyers were happy with their purchase.

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Loaded with a powerful filtration system, this unit automatically reduces chemicals found in tap water for cleaner and softer skin. The unit also comes standard with five spray settings to give you a pleasurable shower experience no matter what mood you’re in.

The Negative Reviews

There weren’t many negative reviews for this product, but we dug deep and found that one woman was a bit disapointed. She claimed that the sprays were not as powerful as she would like, but also attributed that to the unit being equipped with a chemical reducing filter. It’s a bit of a trade-off we think. If you want a softer water, cleaner shower this is a good head for you, but you may sacrifice a bit of pressure if you really need a high power blast.

Another reviewer complained that the unit didn’t last as long as he would have liked. This was the only complaint we could find about the quality of the product however and the manufacturer points out that the shower head is safe, long lasting and certified by the NFC. The feature specs also indicate that the unit will effectively filter water for 6-months or 10,000 gallons.

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The Positive Reviews

The first thing we noticed while browsing through the list of predominately positive reviews for this product is that although it looks simple at a glance this filter has a lot of satisfied customers for a wide variety of reasons. One reviewer was pleased that the unit solved her “bad smelling” water situation. Another said the shower head fixed their hard water problem and yet another reviewer said that the shower head alone cured his years of dry skin problems.

Although it’s not a fancy looking head, reviewers were pleased with the variety of settings that they say are simple to use. The unit is reviewed as simple and quick to install and filter changing is also a snap, though not something you need to do often.

The Conclusion

Would we recommend the Culligan WSH-C125 Showerhead

Yes and here’s why:

Not everyone is looking for a feature-rich shower head with every bell and whistle known to man. This little shower head is doing a lot behind the scenes though. If you have any sort of water problems, hard, smelly, or otherwise or if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin then this is a great product for you.

But the choice is really yours and this is a very affordable shower head to consider.

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, read more reviews and make the decision for yourself!